The 12 Perfect Motorcycle Helmet for Women’s Hair in 2024

When riding a motorcycle, prioritizing safety is crucial. However, for women with long hair, finding a helmet that not only provides protection but also keeps their hair intact can be challenging. That’s where the search for the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair begins.

Imagine cruising down the open road, feeling the wind in your hair, and enjoying the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Now, imagine the frustration of arriving at your destination with a tangled mess of hair that takes hours to fix. Thankfully, there are helmets specifically designed to address this issue.

These helmets feature innovative designs that accommodate ponytails, buns, and braids, ensuring that your hair stays in place throughout your ride. They also prioritize comfort, ventilation, and style, allowing you to look and feel your best on the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, finding the right motorcycle helmet for women’s hair is essential. Stay tuned to discover the top options available and make your next ride a hassle-free and stylish experience.

Key Features to Consider

The Perfect Motorcycle Helmet for Womens Hair

Importance of Helmet Fit and Comfort

When choosing the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair, it is crucial to consider the fit and comfort it provides. A properly fitting helmet ensures maximum protection and minimizes the risk of injury in case of an accident. Look for helmets that come with adjustable straps and padding to ensure a snug and secure fit. Comfort is equally important, as a helmet that is uncomfortable to wear can be distracting and may affect your focus while riding.

Ventilation Systems for Hair Breathability

Another key feature to consider is the ventilation system of the helmet. Women with long hair often struggle to maintain their hairstyle while wearing a helmet. Look for helmets that have adequate ventilation to allow air to flow through and keep your hair cool and dry. Ventilation systems with adjustable vents are particularly beneficial, as they allow you to customize the airflow based on your preference and hair type.

Impact Resistance and Safety Features

Safety should always be the top priority when selecting a motorcycle helmet. Look for helmets that are certified by safety organizations such as DOT or ECE. These certifications guarantee that the helmet complies with the essential safety standards. Additionally, consider helmets with impact-resistant materials such as polycarbonate or fiberglass, as they provide excellent protection against potential head injuries.

Best Helmets for Women’s Hair to Try in 2024

To help you in your search, we have curated a list of the best helmets for women’s hair to try in 2024.

TORC T14B Blinc Wireless Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T14B Blinc Wireless Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet showcases a streamlined, aerodynamic design, providing abundant ventilation and featuring a removable liner for added comfort, specifically designed to accommodate ponytails. Additionally, it incorporates MIPS technology to enhance overall protection.

Full-Face Helmets

When it comes to finding the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair, full-face helmets are often considered a popular choice. They offer excellent protection and safety features, but they also come with their own set of pros and cons. Below are some full-face helmets that I consider to be the best for you.

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Scorpion EXO-R420 EVO Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is known for its lightweight construction and excellent ventilation, making it a great choice for hot weather riding. The liner is also removable and washable, and it has space for a ponytail.


HJC RPHA 11 Pro Motorcycle Helmet

This premium helmet offers exceptional performance and safety features, including a spacious eyeport for improved visibility and a luxurious, removable liner designed to accommodate braids or ponytails.

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Shark Skwal 2.2 Women’s Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Designed specifically for women, this helmet features a narrower profile and a comfortable liner with ample space for hair. It also comes in various stylish colors.

Pros and Cons of Using Full-Face Helmets


  • Full-face helmets provide comprehensive coverage, protecting not only your head but also your face and chin. This ensures maximum safety in case of any accidents or impacts.
  • The full-face design effectively reduces wind resistance and noise, creating a more comfortable riding experience. This can help prevent your hair from getting tangled and messy while riding at high speeds.
  • Full-face helmets shield your hair from various weather conditions, such as rain, sun, and dust. This helps in maintaining your hairstyle and keeping your hair clean and protected.
  • Many full-face helmets come with extra features like built-in sun visors, ventilation systems, and Bluetooth connectivity. These features can enhance your riding experience and make it easier to manage your hair while on the road.


  • Full-face helmets can sometimes trap heat and sweat, especially during hot weather. This can be uncomfortable and may cause your hair to become damp and messy.
  • Despite their protective benefits, full-face helmets can still cause some degree of helmet hair. The tight fit and pressure on your hair can leave it flattened or with noticeable indents after removing the helmet.
  • Full-face helmets are generally bulkier and less portable compared to other helmet types. This can be inconvenient when it comes to storing and carrying the helmet when not in use.

Modular Helmets

When it comes to finding the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair, modular helmets are often a popular choice. These helmets offer a unique combination of convenience and protection, but there are also some drawbacks to consider. Below are some best modular helmets for women’s hair.

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Bell SRT Modular Helmet

Designed specifically for women, this helmet features a narrower profile and a comfortable liner with ample space for hair. It also comes in various stylish colors.


LS2 Valiant II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This affordable modular helmet provides excellent value for money, offering features such as a quick-release chin bar, a comfortable liner, and ample ventilation. It also includes space for hair buns or ponytails.

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Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet

This high-end modular helmet is packed with features, including a spacious eyeport, excellent ventilation, and a plush, removable liner that can accommodate most hairstyles.

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Arai XD-4 Helmet

Another premium option, the Arai XD-4, is renowned for its exceptional fit and finish, along with a comfortable liner and ample ventilation. It also provides space for ponytails or braids


Nolan N100-5 Plus Modular Helmet

This versatile helmet is an excellent choice for touring riders, boasting features such as a comfortable liner, outstanding ventilation, and a sun visor. It also provides ample room for hair.

Pros and Cons of Using Modular Helmet


  • One of the biggest advantages of modular helmets is their versatility. These helmets feature a hinged chin bar that can be flipped up, allowing riders to easily access their hair without removing the entire helmet.
  • Modular helmets make it easier to put on and take off, especially when compared to full-face helmets. This can be particularly beneficial for women with longer hair, as it reduces the risk of tangling or damaging their locks.
  • Many modular helmets come with adjustable padding and ventilation systems, allowing riders to customize their fit and airflow. This can help prevent discomfort and excessive sweating, which can be especially important for women who want to maintain their hairstyle.


  • Modular helmets tend to be slightly heavier than other helmet types due to their additional moving parts. While advancements in technology have made them lighter over the years, some riders may still find them bulkier and less comfortable than other options.
  • While modular helmets provide adequate protection, some argue that they may not offer the same level of safety as full-face helmets. The hinged chin bar introduces a potential weak point in the helmet’s structure, which could compromise its ability to absorb impact in certain situations.
  • Modular helmets often come with a higher price tag compared to other helmet styles. If budget is a concern, riders may need to weigh the benefits of convenience and hair accessibility against the added expense.

Open-Face Helmets

When it comes to finding the best motorcycle helmet for women’s hair, open-face helmets are a popular choice. They offer a unique combination of style and functionality. However, like any other helmet style, open-face helmets have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them:

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Bell Bullitt Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This classic-style helmet is a popular choice for cruiser riders, featuring a comfortable liner and effective ventilation. It also provides ample space for most hairstyles.

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Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another stylish option, the Biltwell Bonanza, is an excellent choice for riders who desire a retro look. It features a comfortable liner, good ventilation, and can accommodate most hairstyles.

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TORC Route Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This affordable open-face helmet is a solid option for budget-minded riders, featuring a comfortable liner and decent ventilation. It also provides ample space for most hairstyles.

Pros and Cons of Using Open-Face Helmets


  • Open-face helmets are known for their convenience. They are easier to put on and take off compared to full-face helmets, making them ideal for women with longer hair.
  • With an open-face helmet, women have the freedom to style their hair in various ways. From braids to ponytails, the open design of the helmet accommodates different hairstyles.
  • Open-face helmets offer a wider field of vision compared to full-face helmets. This enhanced visibility can be beneficial for women riders, allowing them to have a better view of their surroundings.
  • Open-face helmets provide better ventilation, allowing air to flow freely and keeping riders cooler during hot weather conditions.


  • One of the main drawbacks of open-face helmets is that they provide less protection compared to full-face helmets. The exposed face and chin are more vulnerable to impacts and injuries in case of an accident.
  • Open-face helmets tend to generate more wind noise at higher speeds. This can be bothersome for some riders, especially during long rides.
  • While open-face helmets offer better ventilation, they provide less protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, and cold temperatures.

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Buying Guide for 2024

When it comes to finding the perfect motorcycle helmet for women’s hair, there are several factors to consider. Not only does it need to provide optimal safety and protection, but it should also be comfortable and practical, especially for those with longer or styled hair. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best helmet for your needs in 2024.

Size and Fit:

One of the most important aspects of a motorcycle helmet is ensuring the right size and fit. Measure your head circumference and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the correct size. A snug fit is crucial to ensure maximum safety and prevent any discomfort during your rides.


Long hair can easily become tangled or messy inside a helmet, especially without proper ventilation. Look for helmets with adequate airflow systems, such as multiple vents or channels, to keep your hair fresh and prevent excessive sweating.

Hair-Friendly Liner

A helmet with a hair-friendly liner can make a significant difference in maintaining your hairstyle. Look for helmets with removable and washable liners made from materials that are gentle on your hair, such as moisture-wicking fabrics or hypoallergenic materials.

Ponytail Compatibility

If you often wear your hair in a ponytail, consider helmets with specific features designed to accommodate this hairstyle. Look for helmets with ponytail ports or adjustable straps that can easily accommodate your hair without compromising the helmet’s fit.

Visor and Shield

A clear visor or shield is essential for protecting your eyes from wind, debris, and the sun’s glare. Choose a helmet with an easily adjustable visor that allows you to customize the airflow and prevent your hair from blowing into your face while riding.

Style and Design

While safety should always be the top priority, there’s no harm in choosing a helmet that reflects your personal style. Opt for a design that appeals to you, whether it’s a sleek and minimalist look or a bold and vibrant pattern.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the conclusion of our exploration into the perfect motorcycle helmets for women’s hair in 2024, it is clear that the options available today are more diverse and innovative than ever before. With a growing number of women embracing the thrill of riding motorcycles, it is crucial to prioritize both safety and style when choosing a helmet. We have highlighted twelve exceptional helmets that cater specifically to the unique needs of women riders.

From helmets with adjustable hair ports to those with moisture-wicking liners, these options offer practical solutions to keep your hair looking great while ensuring maximum protection on the road. It is important to remember that finding the perfect helmet is a personal journey. Each rider has different preferences and priorities, whether it’s the fit, ventilation, or overall design.

We encourage you to consider your own hair type, riding style, and safety requirements when making your selection.

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